Welcome to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

"Empowering Employment and Independence"

Are you a person with a disability who wants to work, is looking for a job or needs help keeping your current job? If so, DVR is the right place for you!

We believe that anyone with a disability who wants to work, can work, regardless of the type or severity of their disability. We provide a wide variety of individualized services for people with disabilities to allow you to reach your employment goals and live independently.


Our services are about helping Coloradans with disabilities to find or keep a job, including if you want to advance in your current job or find a new one.



If you are a youth thinking about what's next after high school, we can help you with job exploration counseling, work based learning experiences and so much  more.



We are committed to helping our business partners find candidates who are skilled, loyal, and committed to your success.


"I found a passion and longing for the world...I can make a difference and I can help people help themselves, which is even better than doing for them because they can do for themselves in the future, it's fantastic and I love it, and it's all thanks to the supports that I've gotten from DVR."

-Ty Smith

Achieving Employment Success

We work for you and with you to help you achieve employment success.

Our services can include vocational guidance and counseling, short or long term training, job seeking skills, job development and job coaching, assistive technology and needed accommodations to participate with DVR and on the job. Our vocational rehabilitation counselors have specific expertise in the medical and psychological aspects of disabilities and work holistically to support you in employment, community participation and living independently.

We encourage you to watch our orientation video, learn how to get started with us, research our programs, and see if DVR is right for you. If it is, click on the box "DVR Interest & Referral Form" below and we'll connect you with a local office.

carole billingham with shoulder length red hair wearing a turquoise necklace

"There is a lot of suffering in our world. Knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of others makes me very happy and fulfilled. I could not have gotten here without the help of DVR."

- Carole Billingam, Master Certified Coach