If you are interested in being self-employment, our DVR staff offer a variety of services to assist you in navigating the business development process.

Take advantage of our professional vendor network, made up of seasoned business experts, all of whom are united for the purpose of offering their collective expertise to aid and assist our new entrepreneurs with real-world knowledge and training.

If you are already fortunate enough to be an experienced business owner, DVR offers existing business intervention assistance with professional know-how, advice and resources that will propel our entrepreneurs with disabilities to new levels of business success. 

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    DVR Self-Employment Forms

    DVR offers a variety forms and templates that can be used in developing your business plan. You can use these forms or others if you choose. However, all the components found in the "Business Plan Components" document are required when submitting a business plan.  

    Getting Started in Self-Employment

    Self-Employment Desk Aide – overview of DVR's self-employment process, including start-up cost Tiers

    Self-Employment Overview and Guidelines, PDF Accessible Version

    Myths and Realities of Self-Employment

    Entrepreneurial Interest Checklist, PDF Accessible Version

    Self-Employment Questionnaire, PDF Accessible Version

    Tier Table - Accessible

    Developing the Business Plan

    Business Plan Components

    Services Product Cost Analysis

    Goods Product Cost Analysis

    Start-up Expenses

    Financial Forecast

    Profit and Loss Statement


    Business Consultant Training

    DVR recently re-developed our Self-Employment Program. Learn about the changes and updates relevant to our business consultants.


    Self-Employment Successes


    Running To Win

    Steve Heidenreich, participant in DVR's Self-Employment Program and a member of the SRC,  has a goal of being a motivational speaker and author.  His recent book, "Running to Win", is currently #3 on the Amazon New Releases: The best-selling new & future releases in Olympic Games.    Keep your eye out for more updates!!

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