Are You Interested in Operating Your Own Business?



If so, DVR can help! We have a team of counselors across the state who specialize in self-employment.  We offer a variety of services to assist you in starting your own business.  If you are already an experienced business owner, we can offer assistance specifically related to your disability needs to ensure the continued success of your business.  Learn more about our services and find resources to help you get started below.

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Exploring Self Employment


We've gathered a variety of resources to help you explore whether self-employment is right for you and to get started in developing your business plan:

Small Business/Entrepreneur Readiness Survey (North Carolina Careers)

SCORE's Small Business Readiness Assessment

Entrepreneurship Readiness Assessment (BEL Initiative)

Myths and Realities of Self-Employment

MyBiz Colorado: a one stop site to begin your business

CO Business Resource Book: an online tool to help you start your business

Vocational Rehabilitation Self-Employment Guide: an online curriculum to help you get started in your business while working with VR


DVR's Self-Employment Forms

When working with us to pursue your small business, we'll ask you to complete the forms below.  Our goal is to help you understand all the ins and outs of owning a business and to help you obtain any needed small business training to ensure your success.

Entrepreneurial Interest ChecklistPDF Accessible Version

Self-Employment Desk Aide – overview of DVR's self-employment process, including start-up cost Tiers

Self-Employment Desk Aide - Spanish

Self-Employment Overview and GuidelinesPDF Accessible Version  and Spanish

Self-Employment QuestionnairePDF Accessible Version

Self-Employment Questionnaire - Spanish

Tier Table - Accessible

DVR's Business Plan Templates

We have a variety of templates to help you develop your business plan.  You can use these or your own! We also can connect you with a professional business consultant to help you through this process.

Business Plan Components

Financial Forecast

Goods Product Cost Analysis

Financial Forecast

Profit and Loss Statement

Services Product Cost Analysis

Start-up Expenses

Resources for Self-Employment


Money Smart for Small Business

MyBiz Colorado - a one stop site to begin a business

Programs and funding for small business: Office of Economic Development & International Trade

Self-Employment Procedure and Training ManualPDF Accessible Version (CO DR)

Vocational Rehabilitation Self-Employment Guide: an online curriculum to help you get started in your business while working with VR


Are You Ready to Get Started?



If you are interested in starting your own small business, we are ready to partner with you! Reach out to your local office to get connected.