Transitioning from Sub-minimum Wage - For Individuals


Are you currently working in a sub-minimum wage job and are interested in working for minimum wage or more?

If you work with a community centered board (CCB):

Talk to a CCB case manager about working. They are a great resource on your journey and can assist with applying for DVR services. CCBs partner with DVR to make sure you get all the services you need.

What to Expect
  • You direct and are the center of your plan to get meaningful employment.
  • You have a say in your Employment goal and the sources of support along the way.
  • We are your partners to support you in your employment goals.
Innovative Services
  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance support identification of your job goals;
  • Customized Employment;
  • Benefits Planning;
  • Individual Placement and Supports (IPS);
  • Business Relations;
  • Individualized Plan for Employment with detailed plan of supports.
Next Steps