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We have a variety of programs and services to help you find, obtain and keep a job!

Our programs are designed to help you achieve your goals.  If you are an adult with a disability or a youth looking for opportunities after high school, we can help you to find or maintain employment.  If you are an employer, we have a team that can help find the talent you need.

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As Dusty shares, “Employment changes everything. It’s the first job I’ve ever had where I have yet to have a day where I don’t want to go to work!” 

Applying for Benefits

We'll connect you with a Center for Independent Living that can help you apply for disability benefits.



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Benefits Counseling

We'll connect you with a benefits counselor to help you understand how working may affect your benefits. You can work!



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Blind and Low Vision

We provide specific services for people who are blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind. We can help with orientation and mobility training, assistive technology and more.


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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Many of our Counselors are fluent in American Sign Language and have knowledge of deaf culture and hearing loss.  Our services can included advanced communication technology and career counseling. 

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If you are an employer looking for talent, our Business Reations team can help.  We can help find you skilled employees and we'll provide ongoing support to ensure a positive job match.



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Independent Living

We contract with the 9 centers for independent living in CO whose services include information and referral, advocacy, transition and peer counseling. 



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We offer support for individuals who are interested in being entrepreneurs, including business plan development.  Disability related services can be provided to current business owners. 




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Subminimum Wage Transition

Everyone who wants to work can work, and we only support real work for real pay. This means we would like to support you with your employment goals to earn at least minimum wage, work with other employees with and without disabilities, and have opportunities for advancement in your job just like everyone else.



Supported Employment

More intensive services are provided to those individuals with a more significant barriers who have never worked or who have a history of difficulty maintaining work.



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Youth Services

If you are a young adult interested in exploring what's next, we offer a variety of career services for high school students and young adults.

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