DVR Programs and Services

We have a variety of programs and services to help you find, obtain and keep a job!

We help people with disabilities prepare for, obtain, advance in, and maintain employment by providing a range of services based on your individual employment needs and goals. Our Rehabilitation Counselors will work closely with you to determine an employment goal and identify and arrange for the services that will be needed to achieve this goal. The Rehabilitation Counselors have specific expertise in the medical and psychological aspects of disabilities and work holistically to support you in employment, community participation and living independently.

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a trusted partner in helping our job seekers find meaningful employment. We constantly work to build relationships with employers so you can compete for employment opportunities and obtain jobs that leads to a career path and self-sufficiency.  

If you or someone you care about requires help with food, bills, or other vital needs, go to to connect to free and reduced-cost services in your area. 

Learn about our programs below.


Translation Help

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Blind and Low Vision Services

We provide specific services for people who are blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind.

Services may include

Counseling and guidance

Training services (vocational, academic, personal, job-seeking, and on-the-job training)

Assistive technology devices and assistive technology services

Rehabilitation engineering services

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Many of our Counselors are fluent in American Sign Language, and are in offices throughout Colorado. Their knowledge of deafness and their ability to facilitate effective, culturally-sensitive communication is vital to the collaborative and highly interactive vocational rehabilitation process.

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Supported Employment

Supported employment is provided to those individuals with a most significant disability who have never worked or who have a history of difficulty maintaining work.

Services may include

Individual Placement and Supports

Customized Employment


Job Placement and Development

Job Coaching

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Subminimum Wage Transition

Everyone who wants to work can work, and we only support real work for real pay. This means we would like to support you with your employment goals to earn at least minimum wage, work with other employees with and without disabilities, and have opportunities for advancement in your job just like everyone else.

For Individuals and For Providers



We offer support for individuals who are interested in being entrepreneurs and disability related services to those who are already self-employed. 

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Independent Living Services

DVR contracts with nine centers for independent living statewide. The Centers maintain their autonomy from the state and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, as required by law, and are important partners to the work DVR does.

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Help Applying for Disability Benefits

Did you know that it is possible to work and receive social security disability benefits at the same time?  Centers for Independent Living can assist with this process and we can help connect you directly.

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Youth and Transition Services

We work with students and youth with disabilities, aged 15-25, who are transitioning from high school to post-secondary education and employment.  Because every service we provide is individualized, we will customize youth transition plan to meet your own specific needs. Check out our flyer and watch our "Getting Started with CO DVR Youth Services" video.

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