Benefits Counseling

Are you applying for or receiving disability benefits? Benefits can be Social Security Disability or benefits like Medicaid or housing assistance.

You can still work!

Whether you’re interested in part-time employment or a new career, Benefits Counseling can help!

  • Learn how to increase your income while getting the help you need from public assistance programs
  • Learn how to test your ability to work without losing your benefits
  • Learn how your income and your benefits can work together so you can follow your employment goals

DVR is committed to partnering with you to find a meaningful employment outcome.  If you are receiving public benefits and are interested in employment, ask us about connecting you with a certified Benefits Counselor. Did you receive a Ticket to Work? You can learn more about the Ticket to Work Program on this page or on this Technical Assistance page.




Check out the Benefit Finder to discover what government benefits you may be eligible for. This is a step by step walkthrough of how to use the Benefit Finder tool.

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