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Background Checks for Direct Service Provision Vendors


Background Checks

Effective November 1, 2022, DVR is implementing policy related to vendor background checks. This new policy requires that any vendor providing direct services to the individuals we serve either submit a completed background check or complete a Vendor Background Check Certification form confirming that they have a background check policy in place for their business/agency that either meets or exceeds DVR's requirements. 

This new policy is to ensure that DVR is providing the safest and highest quality services possible to the individuals we serve. Learn about the new policy in this short video.

Background Check Documentation

Do you need to submit background check documentation to be compliant with DVR's Policy?

Are you an organization that maintains a policy of background checks that meets or exceeds DVR's policy?

The DVR Vendor unit will be providing this document to all active vendors that are affected by the new background check policy.