EFAP Members & Partners


EFAP Members

Alia Andrews, Recovery Services Coordinator, Office of Behavioral Health

Steve Bell, Advocate for people with behavioral health impairment

Katherine Carol, Advocate, Office of Disability Employment Policy (Subject Matter Expert), and Family Representative

Kim Cortes, Competitive and Supported Employment Unit Servisor with CO Department of Healthcare, Policy and Finance (HCPF) and HCPF Representative

Cassidy Dellamonache, Co-owner ofTandem Employment Services of Northern Colorado, and Member at Large

EFAP Members

Holly Ewing, Program Manager, Center for People with Disabilities; Centers for Independent Living Representative

Liz Gerdman, Director of MindSource and Member at Large

Thomas Hartman, Consultant and CO Workforce Development Council Representative

Rachel Hoard, Supported Employment Manager, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Mike Hoover, Self-Advocate and Member at Large

Frank Kane, ARC Advocate and advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

EFAP Members

Tom Knost, Senior Director of Activities and Employment Services, Continuum of Colorado and Alliance of Colorado Advocate

Katie Oliver, Secondary Transition Services Consultant, School to Work Alliance Program with CO Department of Education, State Rehabilitation Council Member and CDE Representative

Shantelle Rockman, Executive Director of Integrating Supports Colorado, Small Provider, Provider of Benefits Counseling Cross Disability Employment Services; and State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) Member, SRC Employment First Committee Chair

Corry Robinson Rosenberg, Interim Director of CO Office of Employment First, JFK Partners at University of Colorado School of Medicine


Subject Matter Experts

Thank you to all the subject matter experts (SMEs) who provide valuable input and recommendations to the EFAP:

Kristin Corash, Director of the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Heather Hagen, CO APSE Representative

Katie Taliercio, Home and Community Based Services Employment Benefit Specialist, Healthcare Policy and Finance (HCPF)

Shea Tanis, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

Josh Winkler, Disability Funding Committee Coordinator and Policy Liaison, L Governor's Office

EFAP Partners

The Employment First Advisory Partnership works in collaboration with many state agencies and non-profits.  Some of our partners include:

Colorado Office of Employment First

HCPF/Supported Employment

Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

CO APSE: CO Association of People Supporting Employment First